Homeopathy for Pets & Animals

Everyone who supports and/or uses homeopathy for themselves, or their animals, should be frightened by the quoted portion (below) of this entire blog post by the anti homeopathy political activist Steven Novella. In my opinion, his view and musings are worrisome.

  "Any rational and reasonable medical regulatory system would not approve the sale or prescribing of homeopathic potions, license the practice of homeopathy, pay for homeopathy, or in any way legitimize or support homeopathy. In my opinion, any health care professional who prescribes homeopathy is a quack, and any government that supports or legitimizes homeopathy is failing its citizens.

I have not, however, focused much of my attention on veterinary medicine. I have been aware that human quackery has found its way to vets, some of whom use homeopathy, acupuncture, or other nonsense. This (Danny Chambers') petition raises an interesting question – might ridding veterinary medicine of homeopathy be easier that eradicating it from human medicine?

The veterinary infrastructure is smaller and perhaps more manageable. Also, the patients themselves do not have to be convinced of the science, and cannot demand specific treatments. It is a more ethically straightforward. The vets advocate for the health of their animal patients. Those patients have owners, but those owners cannot force vets to do something which is medically futile or unethical. This dodges much of the exploitation of “health care freedom” to weaken the standard of care.

Perhaps this might be a more favorable arena in which to have this fight. Let’s push for a ban on the veterinary use of homeopathy. We can make the case against homeopathy there, give it a lot of publicity, and if we are successful then we can say, 'Hey, do animals have a higher standard of care than humans?'

I don’t know how it will play out, but it’s worth a shot. We should all support Chambers’ petition. "

No answers to my questions from Danny Chambers yet...

September 13, 2012

Homeopathy can alleviate the fear of thunderstorms, loud noises, fireworks

For pets who are traumatized by thunder or fireworks: A solution that is very safe and quite effective for some dogs is the homeopathic remedy Phosphorous (Phos or Phus) 30C which is available in health food stores. This is a natural compound, which is used for fear of thunder or loud noises. Drop 3 to 5 pellets down the back of the dog's throat (do not touch the pellets with your hand) every fifteen minutes until you start to see results. Then stop. You can resume giving the pellets if the dog starts to get agitated again. If Phosphorous does not seem to work, during the next storm try Aconitum Napellus 30C. Administer it in the same manner. Practitioners of homeopathy point out that a remedy either will work or not, but it will not harm the dog or cause side effects.

Note: Phosphorus was a life saver for three of our family dogs in the past. I prefer to drop 4 to 5 pellets in my dog's water dish, rather than try to give orally. The pellets will dissolve in a half hour or so. As your dog drinks and the water level goes down, just keep adding fresh water to the dish. Do not completely empty the dish for 24 hours. This should be all that the dog needs.

September 12, 2012

Yes, you CAN Control fleas with Homeopathy.

Flea Control with homeopathy. Our family has lived in Florida for the past 15 years and have had 4 dogs, all treated with homeopathic remedies to keep fleas at bay. We went the vet recommended route initially with expensive medicines, rubs, shampoos and shots (I hate to admit we did that!). Nothing worked as effectively as the homeopathic remedy Flea Relief by Dr. Goodpet. We first found this Flea Relief at our local Pet's Mart and tried on our two Samoyeds. Samoyeds, or "Sammies" are beautiful family dogs with a double coat of thick white wool fur (the undercoat of Samoyeds is prized by yarn makers since it is such a beautiful and durable wool). We put a few drops in the dogs' water bowls every day throughout the flea season (almost year round here in Florida). To our amazement and delight it worked then and works now for our Black Lab Brandon.

Do you know what it feels like to know your pet is not scratching and really has relief from fleas? It's WONDERFUL, just WONDERFUL! That was ten years ago now. Since then, we have not used expensive medications, no more garlic and/or yeast pills. What a relief for our dogs and us! You can purchase the Flea Relief through Amazon (link on right), or see if you can find it at your local pet store.

One of the ingredients in Dr. Goodpet's Flea Relief is Pulex Iritans 12X (fleas). This follows the homeopathic principle of "like treats like". You'll become very familiar with this principle as you learn more about homeopathy.

September 11, 2012

A Homeopath Suffers a Head Injury
While Working with an Arabian Horse

On a fall day I trailered my trusted Arabian for an outing to a park for trail riding. I was pulling a two-horse slant load trailer, accompanied by a friend who was trying out a “rescue” horse. This little horse had suddenly and unexpectedly become wild and injured a few people in the past, but now he was being re-released from a sanctuary to see if he could make it in the real world. We went on a very pleasant 15 mile ride and then put the horses back into the trailer and drove home. I unloaded my horse from the trailer and then as the other woman went to use the phone I heard her horse stamping in the trailer demanding to be released. I calmly re-entered the trailer and talked to the horse, untied his halter and released the butt bar. The horse immediately cow-kicked at me and as I fell down I saw hooves pummeling me from above. When this stopped the horse remained standing still in the trailer.

I did not lose consciousness but I found myself on the floor of the trailer, bleeding from the head and noticing a wound on my right index finger; I was swiftly going into shock. Drenched with sweat, I saw green and yellow dots and could not rise or speak. Moments later my friend discovered me and was surprised when I hoarsly croaked, “Get my keys.” I indicated that she should open the vial of Arnica 1M and toss some of the pellets into my mouth.

Absolutely instantly as the pellets became wet on my tongue the sweat dried, the stars vanished and my head cleared, and I felt completely calm.

I was driven to the hospital where it was discovered that I had a head wound and a crushed finger. Surgery was performed to mitigate the damage to my hand and 60 stitches were placed in my scalp. When I woke up at 1 AM that next morning to be released to go home I noticed that my left leg was unstable and seemed to crumble under my weight.

Two days later I had an MRI on my knee that revealed the strong possibility of a torn anterior cruciate ligament. There was no bruising on my leg and very little swelling. Of course it took 2 ½ weeks to get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation of the knee. Over that period of time my knee began to feel better and more stable daily and when the day of the appointment arrived I found myself wishing that the surgeon would perform a physical evaluation of my knee before reading the MRI.

When the doctor entered the room he immediately said “Oh Good. I see you have come with your films. Well let’s palpate your knee first.” Sigh of relief…… He gently cradled my knee and examined for play and instability and then looked at the MRI. He pointed out that the film indicated an absence of the ligament but the physical palpation showed some stability indicating to him that the ACL structure was still encased in its capsule so he recommended a period of 3 months of bracing to see if the ACL would scar down and remain functional. He also pointed out that the film showed the shaft of the femur (thigh bone) was completely filled with blood from the hip to the kneeĆ¢€”all this without any outward sign of bruising or swelling.

I was so thrilled with the thought that I might avoid surgery that I confided something to the doctor that I had not mentioned to anyone else. I asked him to examine my neck for whiplash as I was experiencing intermittent numbness in my left arm. He simply asked, “Has anyone performed and x-ray of your neck?” He took the film and returned to the room in five minutes with the news that my neck was broken.

The upshot of this story is that every part of my body healed perfectly with the exception of the index finger; it had sustained 12 small fractures.

My knee became stable without surgery and I can run and jump without pain. My neck healed swiftly and all neurological symptoms disappeared.

It is clear to me that the use of high potency homeopathic Arnica taken at the time of the injury prevented shock, bruising, swelling, and other possible serious ramifications of this serious accident.

Over the years I have treated numerous riders on an emergency basis at the time of injury and have observed the power of Arnica to prevent shock and alleviate trauma. These riders have healed quickly without significant bruising or suffering long-term effects of their injuries.

High potency Arnica should be in the possession of anyone who rides or handles horses. For this reason the Horse Homeopathy Emergency Kit contains professional quality high potency Arnica 1M, which cannot be obtained from your local health-food store, to be used for the horse and rider.

This and more narratives are shared on hpathy.com in Veterinary Homeopathy

If the State and County you live in allows you to use homeopathic remedies instead of vaccinations, you can order homeopathic nosodes for Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, Lepto and other remedies from EarthSongRanch Be sure to tell them you saw their link here!


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