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What should you say to your family and friends when they doubt the effectiveness of homeopathy? All the ammunition you need is in this Homeopathy Extraordinary Medicine  article!

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What Homeopathy Is: Correcting the Misinformation 4 minutes, 13 seconds on YouTube.

A 30 minute YouTube presentation of "Homeopathy Medicine or Magic?" can be seen HERE

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1918 Flu epidemic homeopathy saved more lives see 10/27/12 post
Acid reflux see 9/18/12 post
Acne see 11/4/12 post and see 11/26/12 post
Allergies see 12/3/12 post
Allergy to cats (cat dander) see 1/7/13 post
Allergy to dogs (dog dander) see 3/10/13 post
Alzheimer's disease see 11/17/12 post
Antibiotics (homeopathic alternatives to) see 12/8/12 post
Anxiety (in children and adults) see 9/22/12, 3/25/13 and 3/30/13 posts
Arnica montana (homeopathy's miracle remedy) Under dental cases
Arthritis see 1/11/13 post
Aspergers syndrome see 12/17/12 post
Autism see posts of 9/11, 9/20 and 12/11/12 on this page
Autism (2 cures with homeopathic Opium) see 12/16/12 post
Baldness (male pattern & hair loss) see 9/23/12 post
Bargain (homeopathy is a) see 12/10/12 post
Bed wetting see 9/16/12 post
Bell's Palsy see 1/1/13 post
Bipolar disorder see 12/12/12 post
Boils see 12/20/12 post
Bone Fractures see 12/9/12 post
BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) see 9/17/12 post
Breast feeding (including cracked nipples) see 10/10/12 post
Breast feeding, how to increase milk flow see 10/4/12 post
Bullying see 9/17/12 post
Burns (skin) see 3/12/13 post and post of 5/17/15 on same page.
Cataracts see 9/21/12 post
Cancer (in pets and other animals) see 12/5/12 post
Candida albicans see 9/17/12 post
Carpal tunnel syndrome see 10/16/12 post
Cesarean surgeries (how to avoid with homeopathy) see 10/4/12 post
Chemotherapy (remedies that can help) see 11/18/12 post
Childbirth (labor and delivery remedies)
see 11/28/12 post
Colds (winter) see 12/5/12 post
Cold Sores see 11/19/12 post
Colic see 9/12/12 post
Conditions homeopathy can treat see 3/11/13 post
Conjunctivitis, or "pink eye" see 3/15/13 post
Constipation see 10/6/12 post
Cradle cap see 12/28/12 post
Croup (a barking cough) see 12/20/12 post
Cystic fibrosis see 12/5/12 post
Dandruff see 11/20/2012 post
Dental Homeopathy P.K. Parsons, DDS, CCH Miscellaneous Cases
Depression see 10/6/12 post
Depression (post-partum) see 12/15/12 post
Diabetes see 12/18/12 post
Diarrhea see 11/19/12 post
DJD (degenerative joint disease) see 12/14/12 post
Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) see 12/20/12 post
Ear infection see 9/10/12 post
    Ear infection (2) see 9/25/12 post
Eczema see 12/24/12 post
ED (Erectile dysfunction) see 9/21/12 post
Epilepsy see the two 11/15/12 posts
Eyes (foreign body in) see 9/29/12 post
Eyes (styes in) see 12/10/12 post
Eyes - the top 10 homeopathic remedies see 12/19/12 post
Fatigue, extreme after flu see 11/18/12 post
Fears (phobias) see 11/22/12 post
Fevers (in childhood) see 12/16/12 and 12/19/12 post
Fibroids and ovarian cysts see 12/17/12 post
Fibromyalgia see 9/23/12 post
Fingers, crushed see 11/4/12 post
Flu season, the most popular remedy remedy for see 11/8/12 post
Flu season (multiple remedies) see post of 1/11/13
Food poisoning see posts of 9/26/12 and 12/12/12
Fractures (bone) see 12/9/12 post
Free Printable Child Resource Guide for Parents see 9/18/12 post
Fungus (toe and fingernails) see 10/29/12 post
Gallstones (gallbladder stones) see 12/17/post
Gas, bloating, flatulence (excessive) see 12/22/12 post
Gastritis see 10/14/12 post
GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) see 9/18/12 post
Gout see 12/27/12 post
Grief (sadness) see 11/7/12 post
Gunpowder (a Civil War remedy) see 9/18/12 post
Hair loss see 9/14/12 post Hair loss (postpartum) see 5/2/13 post
Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease see 12/18/12 post
Hangover see 12/8/12 post
Hay Fever see 5/11/13 post
Head lice (prevention) see 3/13/13 post
Heart disease remedies see 11/30/12 post
Hemorrhoids see 10/22/12 posts
Hepatitis C see 4/3/13 post
Hiccoughs that will not stop see 9/28/12 post
HOLIDAYS homeopathic survival remedies see 11/20/12 post
Homeopathic remedy finder on ABC homeopathy site see 10/6/12 post
Homeopathic remedy dosage instructions see 12/14/12 post
Homeopathic study resources multiple entries
Homeopathy, history of see 9/25/12 post
Homeopathy, the myths and apprehensions of see 10/27/12 post
Homeopathy (terminology | glossary of terms) see 12/15/12 post
Homeopathic consult, what to expect see 9/25/12 post
Homeopathic remedies, how they are tested before being used see 5/27/13 post.
Hot flashes (menopausal related)
see 9/23/12 post
Hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol) see 9/28/12 post
Hypertension see 9/14/12 post
Impetigo see 3/12/13 post
Infertility (inability to conceive) see 12/11/12 post
Insomnia see 11/15/12 post
Intercourse, painful sexual see 12/30/12 post
Jealousy see 11/20/12 post
Keratosis pilaris see 12/16/12 post
Kidney stones see 11/19/12 post
Kidney infection see 12/26/12 post
Laryngitis see 12/6/12 post
Lice (head) prevention see 3/13/13 post
Lupus see 1/8/13 post
Macular degeneration (both wet and dry types) see 2/18/13 post
Mastitis see 12/28/12 post
Menstruation (painful - dysmenorrhea) see 12/20/12 post
Migraine headaches see 12/9/12 post
Morning sickness see 9/29/12 post
Motion sickness (car, plane, boat) see 11/17/12 post
Muscle and Ligament injuries see 10/12/12 post
Nerve pain (from crushed fingers, toes, arms, legs, etc) see 11/4/12 post
Newborn (homeopathy and your) see 9/16/12 post
OCD (obscessive compulsive disorder with depression) see 9/20/12 post
Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) see 12/14/12 post
Ovarian cysts see 12/17/12 post
Panic attacks see 11/19/12 post
Patient questionnaire (give to your homeopath)see 10/6/12 post
Pet, (animal care) homeopathic Rabies and Parvo nosodes Top of page
Pet (animal care) using homeopathy see 10/18/12 post
Pet (animal care) treating mange in a dog see 10/2/12 post
Pets (dogs) printable first aid remedy chart see 9/25/12 post
Pet (flea control with homeopathy) see 9/12/12 post
Phantom pain (amputated limb) see 11/14/12 post
Phobias (fears) see 11/22/12 post
Plants, Farm & Garden homeopathy entire page
PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) see 9/18/12 post
Poison Ivy see 9/30/12 post
Post-partum depression see 12/15/12 post
Post-partum remedies see 10/10/12 post
Psoriasis see 9/28/12 post
PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) see 11/14/12 post
Radiation therapy for cancer (remedies that can help) see 11/18/12 post
Ringworm | Ring Worm
see 12/21/12 post
SAD (seasonal affective disorder) see 12/14/12 post
Sadness (grief) see 11/7/12 post
Scabies see 11/10/12 post
Scleroderma see 12/13/12 post
Senile dementia see 1/1/13 post
Sex drive (libido) - loss of see 12/1/12 post
Shingles (herpes zoster) see 10/10/12 post
Sinus congestion see 12/29/12 post
Sinusitis (remedy finder) see 12/27/12 post
Smoking (remedies to help you quit) see 9/18/12 post
Snake bite (poisonous) see 9/10/12 post
Snoring see 9/19/12 post
Sports (homeopathic remedies for) entire page
Stuttering (or stammering) see 12/1/12 post
Surgery; the role of homeopathy before and after see 11/28/12 post
Teething pain see 9/15/12 post
Temper tantrums see 11/24/12 post
Thrush (Candida) see 10/29/12 post
Thyroid disease see 12/9/12 post
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) see 9/21/12 post
Tooth pain see 9/24/12 post
Un-vaccinated children and homeopathy see 12/7/12 post
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) see 12/7/12 post
Unusual cases (retinal detachment, ingrown toenail, etc) see 10/7/12 post
Vaccines exemption info and forms by US State see 11/8/12 post
Vaccines (vaccinations) Your rights by a noted attorney. see 12/26/12 post
Vaginal yeast infection see 2/24/13 post
Varicose veins see 12/30/12 post
Vomiting see 2/17/13 post
Warts see 11/13/12 post
Water retention see 12/28/12 post
Weight loss see 1/2/13 post
Winter ills (flu, colds, sore throat) see 11/8/12 post
Wet homeopathic remedies (make liquid remedies from pellets a how-to) see 9/15/12 post
Whooping cough see 1/3/2013 post
Worms and intestinal parasites see 9/14/12 post
Yeast infection (vaginal) see 2/24/13 post

"Patients are seeking out homeopathy and it is making them feel better. If patients were satisfied with conventional care, homeopathy would no longer exist. Every health care provider must examine the reasons for patient migration to alternative therapies. It is because the conventional medical community is not providing the degree of medical care and advice that they want. Many physicians become defensive with this notion, but the fact is that some people are seeking medical attention elsewhere and are reporting satisfaction. Rather than rely on debunking of alternative practices as a primary defense, perhaps physicians should investigate how to structure the delivery of medicine to provide better patient satisfaction." Source

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