Tuesday, October 10, 2017

SO WHAT if homeopathy is not 'science based'

One of homeopathy skeptic Edzard Ernst's blog posts rhetorically asks "Time for the legal profession to have a serious look at homeopathy?"   Tuesday 15 January 2013

I think the opposing comment to Ernst's question by "Eco Witch" on 5/14/2015 deserves a wider audience.
“Science” says that homeopathic concentrations can not have an effect. So do the repeated rants of the author of this article. Well dear lawyers of the world and bigots united, please explain why even the US EPA recommended ‘safe’ concentration of arsenic in drinking water (which is 0.01 ppm)has an adverse impact on the blood lipids in sensitive mice and is resulting in proposals to reduce the concentration of arsenic in drinking water even lower than that already homeopathic dilution? According to the blinkered thinking about homeopathy, this level of arsenic in water shouldn’t be a problem - yet it is.

The science based approach has resulted the majority of people blindly believing that prescribed drugs will work for them and are safe. In fact over 90% of drugs work on only 30-50% of people taking them, ie they don’t work on up to 70% of people prescribed them but everyone risks side effects. (source: Glaxo’s Dr Allen Roses in 2003). It’s resulted in governments around the world wasting £Billions on Tamiflu. Indeed, even people NOT taking these damned drugs are adversely affected by them as they contaminate the drinking water in the world following excretion. Since our science based approach to life became the dogma of this society, our species has become the sickest on the planet within the life time of one generation. Why don’t you lawyers focus on these areas which causes greatest harm to the majority of people rather than focusing on the areas which adversely impact only a very few people?

Only those stupid enough to believe that humans have discovered all there is to know about the world and all the science there is to discover would always demand a ‘science based’ approach to all medicine. Science is only as good as the parameters set for it and the knowledge of the scientists concerned as well as the funding driving it.”

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