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Title of my upcoming (in progress) opinion piece > "Homeopathy skeptics are they shooting themselves in the feet?" Screen shot examples of their gratis promotions of the very topic they loathe are below.

March 28, 2016  

In the UK anti homeopathy political lobbyists are using social media, in the case below Twitter, to intimidate pharmacies into taking remedies off their shelves. I would like to encourage you, your co-workers and friends to support freedom of choice in health care by taking a moment to use the direct links to their Twitter pages to thank these businesses for stocking homeopathic products.   @LloydsPharmacy and BartsHealth

March 23, 2016

In the comment section of a positive article about homeopathy, Noel Thomas, a medical doctor in UK, questions the anti homeopathy position of one of the skeptics; Alan Henness. The entire article is HERE

"Helen Beaumont’s article is a calm and accurate precis of the pressures and confusions that make it more difficult to offer a homeopathic service to all those who would benefit from it.

After using homeopathy alongside conventional meds in my NHS GP work for about thirty years, I remain extremely sceptical – hardly a week goes by when I am not amazed by the effect of an individualised homeopathic remedy on a patient’s problem. The effects I see are not explained by the Natural Sciences degree I took before medical school, they make no sense at all in that respect. But if you follow the homeopathic method of history taking and remedy selection, then things happen that science cannot currently make sense of.

Are we unthinking slaves to science, denying that there are scientific phenomena beyond what we currently know, or do we do what makes our patients better, safely, cheaply, when they may already have tried the conventional options or had side effects ?

The obsession with RCTs takes no account of the fact that homeopathic treatment needs to be individualised, to be effective. This makes homeopathic RCTs a daunting prospect – I once took part in an RCT in primary care which was very time consuming, and demanding enough when one medication was involved, for a very discrete symptom.

Without recourse to the RCT “argument” , denigrators of homeopathy have little to say.

When did one of them last listen to people with anger problems, PTSD, PMT, chronic depression, arthralgia, hear how their condition, resistant to conventional meds, and then share with them the satisfaction that homeopathic remedies can bring ?

Forget about the placebo effect, you should attempt to use it maximally in every consultation.

Forget about “ a long chat with a friendly homeopath “ – many GP homeopathic remedies are chosen in a ten minute consultation, albeit with the history that the GP carries in his head.

Forget about ‘Patient variability “ . After 40 years in a poor industrial area, one is aware of the myriad external and internal circumstances that can influence disease progression or regression. Why do amazing things not happen when one gives a new conventional med, as they regularly do with homeopathic remedies. ?

Many medical homeopaths who have no private practice, continue, way beyond normal retirement age, to treat people because they enjoy the satisfaction of seeing individuals and their families benefit. With annual NHS appraisal and regular GMC revalidation, of course.

Alan Henness thinks we misuse the evidence and mislead consumers. I have responded to similar claims by him elsewhere. (1) Alan Henness is upset at any suggestion that he is paid for repetitive letter writing on a subject that he has not admitted to studying nor practising.

Perhaps he will enlighten us about his motivation, and what he thinks of the condition that one has to be “ a medical or healthcare professional” to register and comment, on this site. ?"

Dr. Thomas addresses Alan Henness and his objections to homeopathy as well HERE

July 21, 2015  

Mesothelioma is responding positively to the use of alternative medicine, including homeopathy. Read the article HERE

Addendum: Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen. Malignant mesothelioma is the most serious of all asbestos-related diseases. Exposure to asbestos is the primary cause and risk factor for mesothelioma. July 16, 2015  

Don't think you can't defend homeopathy? Think again. It does not need to be this eloquent, but when it comes from the heart, it can be brilliant. Just DO it! From the heart; today by “TH”, to this negative article about homeopathy HERE His entire statement is quoted below.

“Opponents of homeopathy make much of this and that report or study. A Swiss government commissioned report supports homeopathy, an Australian government report doesn't etc etc and on and on it goes. Both opponents and supporters of homeopathy will always use examples which support their case, such as Mike below. Despite the controversy, homeopathy remains available on the NHS in the UK and is part of the healthcare system in many countries around the world. Clearly there is no definitive view which finalises the issue.

The most logical solution is to try homeopathy. Skeptics claim to be the most logical of people but go out of their way to dissuade people from trying homeopathy. Skeptics also claim that there is nothing in homeopathy. In that case, there isn't any harm in trying it. They will counter that with saying 'oh but people will then miss out on taking essential medication.' But anyone who knows even the basics of homeopathy will know that there isn't an issue with taking homeopathic remedies alongside pharmaceutical medicines. In light of this, the skeptic argument falls down. For example, I used to suffer from migraines. I would still take painkillers but I also took homeopathic remedies. I haven't suffered from migraines since taking the homeopathic remedies and I no longer take painkillers.There is nothing to lose and much to gain. Remedies cost less that £4 so it really isn't much to lose-the price of a pint. However I have gained my health and haven't had a day off work since starting to use homeopathy whereas I used to be off work regularly due to migraines.

Anyone can do what I did OR they can argue endlessly about conflicting evidence. Of course I expect a barrage of attack for saying this and that is what I find so illogical. Would it be logical for me to cease using homeopathic remedies when they are helping me? Of course not. But that's what the so called rational/logical skeptics would have me do. No thanks, I will stick to the scientific method which has at its heart-experience. Skeptics care little for experience and dismiss it as anecdotal and therefore invalid but nothing compares with what you gain from real world experience, as any doctor will tell you. Compare it if you like to reading endless books or studies on how to ride a bike. You only learn how to actually ride the bike when you get on the thing. Perhaps not the best analogy ever but the point stands. If you want to know if homeopathy works, don't take my word or indeed a skeptic's word-try it for yourself.”

June 21, 2015  

A Sydney, Australia dental practice uses homeopathy as an adjunct to their holistic sedation methods. The press release is HERE

June 21, 2015  

Live in the United States and support homeopathy? Do your part to Safeguard the Freedom of Homeopathy

June 12, 2015  

Homeopathy going to the dogs? Yes, and it's a GOOD thing. According to an article in the Health Economic Times of India, 50% of veterinarians in the UK practice homeopathy. The article points out that homeopathy is especially suitable for older dogs that may not be able to tolerate allopathic drugs due to liver and/or kidney damage. Read the article HERE

June 9, 2015  

CAMPAIGNERS fighting funding cuts to Scotland's only homeopathic hospital are to take their fight to Holyrood. Read the article HERE

June 8, 2015  

In a YouTube video David Balen of Balens Limited, an insurance provider which covers half the homeopathic practitioners in the UK, provides details of his claims experience regarding homeopathic treatment in the UK. He notes that in the last 25 years after millions of treatments, the amount of claims has been negligible or non-existent. Watch video HERE

June 6, 2015  

In the Havana Times, a discussion of

June 5, 2015  

Dr. Marcie Fallek, a holistic vet with busy practices in New York and Connecticut, used homeopathy to help an autistic cat. Read and see a video HERE

June 4, 2015  

Homeopathy makes sense. It also works! Read the article HERE

June 3, 2015  

Homeopathy market set to double by 2017. Read the news story HERE

June 2, 2015  

46 year old female passes 11 x 6 mm kidney stone with help of homeopathy. Surgery was avoided. Read the short news report HERE

June 1, 2015  

The noted radio talk show host, PhD researcher and author Michael Savage, praised homeopathy on his radio show today. He noted that he had suffered last week from the worst case of the flu he had ever had his entire life. Stating that most people would normally not return to work in such a short time (2-3 days), he attributed his swift recovery (which included a strep throat requiring an antibiotic) to his use of herbals, vitamins and homeopathy! His radio show "The Savage Nation" is broadcast nationwide in the United States and has an estimated following of 4 to 5 million people. His newest publication, a fictional thriller "Countdown to Mecca" is available at most major book stores and on Amazon Books


May 26, 2015     The FDA (Federal Food & Drug Administration), the regulator of homeopathic products in the United States, has invited individuals who use homeopathy to comment on their personal experiences purchasing and using over the counter remedies sold in outlets such as Whole Foods, Target, GMC and Walgreens. Please take the time to submit your own comment. Easy instructions prepared by the National Center for Homeopathy with a direct link to submit your comments can be found HERE

May 25, 2015    

Thanks to HOMEOPATHY this teen was able to pass his board examinations despite his history of chronic debilitating pain and a loss of time from school for an entire year.

May 24, 2015    

Great news of homeopathy breakthrough in Africa! HERE

May 23, 2015    

Dealing with Kidney Stones and Talking Homeopathy

May 20, 2015     ~ Sessions at World Homoeopathy Summit Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"The scientific sessions at the recently held World Homoeopathy Summit in Mumbai have proven that homoeopathy medicines are nano materials and they can become remedies for various kinds of conventional and emerging infectious diseases.

The sessions have also avoided all anxieties with regard to the action and efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in human bodies affected by germs of various diseases.

Twenty-six scientists including molecular biologists, engineers, physicists, immunologists, pharmacologists, chemists, nanotechnologists, zoologists, homoeopaths and conventional doctors from some of the premium universities presented their papers on latest researches related to homoeopathy concepts."       Read full news release HERE

May 19, 2015     ~ Subscribe and be sure to stay current with the news of homeopathy through The Elsevier Journal edited by the noted homeopath to the British Royal Family, Peter Fisher. Receive a 20% professional discount if you subscribe in the next 14 days with PROMOTION CODE GEN2015HS

April 19, 2019 There is a homeopathic remedy that can help with those sugar cravings. The homeopath Joette Calabresse recommends Chelidonium 6x. Read all about it HERE

April 25, 2015
Integration between orthodox medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture for inpatients in the first integrated medicine hospital in Italy can be read HERE

October, 2013

The homeopathic remedy Lycopodium Clavatum offers new hope to cancer sufferers.

June 12, 2013

A YouTube presentation by Gemma Hoefkens "My Personal Experience of Cancer and Homeopathy" can be viewed HERE
June 10, 2013

A YouTube presentation "Homeopathy Stops Cancer" can be viewed HERE
June 9, 2013

A nice article by Robin McKinley entitled "Homeopathy. Yes. It Works can be enjoyed HERE
June 8, 2013

On homeopathy by Gina Tyler, some inspiring stories of the successes of homeopathy worldwide can be read HERE Homeopathy becomes a popular treatment in the Arab Emirates. Read the article HERE

An interesting short YouTube video of an interview with Jane Gilchrist of the UK (Homeopathy's centenarian champion) in which she describes her love of homeopathy. See and listen HERE

A very informative article by Dr. Nancy Malik, entitled "Science-based Pharmacy - Science-based Homeopathy can be read HERE
Read "Famous Musicians Like Homeopathy" HERE

Interesting post entitled "Get Out of Coma with Homeopathy by Mindheal Homeopathy that you can read HERE

Read why Homeopathy is Good Medicine HERE

A scientific study reveals that high, rather than lower potencies of homeopathic Arnica (montana) are crucial for surgical recovery. Read the article HERE

The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis The Vaccine Alternative

Homeopathy Under Attack in California by The Alliance for Natural Health USA. Read about it HERE


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